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Creating automated snapshots of fMRI activation

There are plenty of times when you want to create snapshot images at a particular threshold so that you can quickly view the activation profiles of all participants within a given study.  AFNI offers this functionality through a plugout_drive application where you can tell AFNI to change overlay, underlay, threshold, etc and even save the screenshots […]

EEG Processing Tools

I used to have a MobileMe account where I made available several custom developed software programs for doing processing of EEG/ERP data.  I’ve listed them below as well as their download links and also will make them available on the main site (  All programs run on Mac OS X and are written in Objective-C/Cocoa. […]

Checking fMRI normalization

One of my first tasks when we switched our fMRI data analyses from our in-house code to using AFNI was to come up with a way of checking the alignment two MRI images.  This could be either 1) EPI images to the anatomy or 2) individual subject anatomy to that of the standard space (MNI) […]