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Using R with AFNI

AFNI already has a host of programs that use R to analyze MRI data – 3dLME, 3dMVM, 3dMEMA, etc.  Suppose you wanted to create your own functions that use R to manipulate data – well here’s a quick introduction.  In this quick example, here is how to “Auto Mask” your dataset in R. source(‘path/to/AFNI/AFNIio.R’) thedata […]

A better way to run AFNI’s uber_subject

I used to use fink, and then I switched to MacPorts; truthfully, neither of them really made me happy.  Now I mostly use homebrew, and one real advantage (besides being faster and lighter weight) is that it’s very easy to get AFNI’s GUI programs up and running on a Mac. Install AFNI (you’ve probably already […]