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Year 1 Reflection

I really started investing in this blog in November 2012.  In the first month it received 12 hits.  In the second month, it also received 12 hits.  But as we’ve added more content over the past year, the number of hits has continued to go up.  And I’m very happy that today, we celebrate more […]

Finding ERP Noise Outliers

There are plenty of points in ERP data analysis that can be subjective.  But that doesn’t mean that they have to be!  One subjective point is determining the noise level of your subjects.  If you’re using Net Station (EGI), you can check an option in the “Averaging” Waveform tool to calculate noise estimates.  This will […]

Analyzing ERP Data with PCA-ANOVA in R

Running a PCA-ANOVA in R is fairly straightforward.  In this post we’ll focus on doing a temporal PCA on clusters of ERP channels.  First you will want to arrange the data in one file.  If you are coming from Net Station, you can export your ERP averaged files to text and then use MCAT to create […]

Installing the ERP PCA Toolkit

Today I’m raising awareness of a phenomenally helpful tool in ERP Research called the ERP PCA Toolkit.  In short, the PCA toolkit allows you perform temporal, spatial, and complex (e.g. temporo-spatial) analyses on ERP data.  Shown in the figure below is a quick temporal-spatial PCA on some ERP data for a go/no-go task.  The PCA […]

Source Code Available

Some time ago, I made available a series of custom-built software packages for helping perform EEG/ERP Analysis.  I have now finished uploading the source code to my github repository.  All of the programs were written in Objective-C, many of them fairly early in my programming career (forgive the comments or lack of comments!).  If you […]