Year 1 Reflection

I really started investing in this blog in November 2012.  In the first month it received 12 hits.  In the second month, it also received 12 hits.  But as we’ve added more content over the past year, the number of hits has continued to go up.  And I’m very happy that today, we celebrate more than 4500 visitors!

It’s also been a wonderful learning experience on my end, I’ve started mixing posts of different lengths and breaking things into series.  The plus side of this is that more content gets up quickly.  The downside is that content can be harder to find, so I thought in addition to patting myself on the back, I could use this post to present in a more organized manner all of the posts over the past year.


Basics of DTI Analysis in FSL

Analyzing DTI data in AFNI (Part 1)

Analyzing DTI data in AFNI (Part 2)

Rotating bvecs for DTI fitting

fMRI – File Conversions

Converting DICOM to NIFTI

The mysterious flipped brain

fMRI – Single Subject

Installing AFNI’s

Single subject analysis in AFNI (

Using for (Single Subject) fMRI Analysis

Using multiple basis functions in

Statistics on the Brain with AFNI

fMRI – Group Analysis

Basics of AFNI Group Analysis (Part 1)

Basics of AFNI Group Analysis (Part 2)

Correlating Brain & Behavior in AFNI

fMRI – Region of Interest / Masks

Creating Volume ROIs in AFNI

Fun with AFNI Masks

Quickly Creating Masks in AFNI

fMRI – Other

Connectivity Analysis in AFNI (Part 1)

Displaying fMRI Results on Surfaces with SUMA

Simulating fMRI Designs

Adjusting smoothness for multi-scanner comparisons

Creating automated QA Snapshots

Creating AFNI images from command-line with Xvfb

Quality Checking fMRI Data

Parallelizing Freesurfer

Write your own fMRI programs using AFNI API (Part 1)


EEG Processing Tools

Source code for EEG Processing Tools

Preprocessing EEG Data

Installing ERP PCA Toolkit

Analyzing ERP Data with PCA-ANOVA in R

Finding ERP Noise Outliers

General Computing

The power of doing things in Parallel

Using GSL with Xcode

Tips for Remote Processing

The future

I will continue to update the blog with new information as it becomes available (or I learn it).  For having grown up on EEG/ERP, I realize the blog is light in this content and have a series of posts in draft to address this issue.  Further, I intend to start writing more posts on using R, statistics, and general computation.

It is also my hope that the team of bloggers here at CogNeuroStats will begin to grow.  I’ve talked to a few interested individuals and have some leads on contributors.  If you’re interested, drop me a line: peter (at)

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