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Statistics on the Brain with AFNI

In previous posts I’ve covered how to use AFNI to run GLMs on your data to find task-related activations.  But there are a host of other statistics that you can run on the brain outside of the GLM!  And this is where AFNI really shines in terms of having a diverse set of tools, yet […]

The mysterious flipped brain

I previously reviewed a series of DICOM to NIFTI converters.  The entire purpose of this post is to state how important it is to check the orientation of the images coming out of any DICOM to NIFTI converter.  The example today illustrates an incorrect flip in dcm2nii, but I want to stress that this happens […]

Quickly Creating Masks in AFNI

Often when creating a mask to use with 3dROIstats, 3dmaskave, or 3dmaskdump, we will create a mask at a higher resolution than our functional runs, detailed here.  One of the reasons the mask is created at a higher resolution is that we base the anatomical masks on either 1) the high-resolution anatomical or 2) the […]