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To Eric Langlois

On a personal note, I would like to say a few things about my friend Eric Langlois.  Eric recently passed away.  Several others (here, here, here) have posted about his unfortunate death, and the story can be found here.  Eric was a Connecticut-based photographer and founder, owner, and principal photographer for Raw Photo Design.   He […]

Installing the ERP PCA Toolkit

Today I’m raising awareness of a phenomenally helpful tool in ERP Research called the ERP PCA Toolkit.  In short, the PCA toolkit allows you perform temporal, spatial, and complex (e.g. temporo-spatial) analyses on ERP data.  Shown in the figure below is a quick temporal-spatial PCA on some ERP data for a go/no-go task.  The PCA […]

Parallelizing Freesurfer

Today I started running VBM and Freesurfer comparisons on a “new” dataset that everyone in our lab is particularly interested in moving forward.  The VBM was all carried out in SPM8 with the VBM8 toolbox. I particularly like the VBM8 toolbox because it makes use of the SPM8 DARTEL transformations, and it’s relatively easy to queue up […]

Visualizing Single Subject DTI Data (FSL)

A few posts ago, I described how to do some basic analyses of Diffusion data.  I realize now that I left off the visually cool factor of displaying individual subject data.  Once you complete the eddy_correct and dtifit steps in the previous post, several files will be generated for FA (fractional anisotropy), MD (mean diffusivity), […]