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Dropping file extensions

Randomly, for those people who do a lot of manipulation of file names, it can be painful to constantly use sed or awk or basename to change the filename without the extension.  Here are three options to copy a file via 3dcopy (part of AFNI, works just like cp, but for image files, will also […]

Converting DICOM files to NIFTI

Most people who are processing MRI/fMRI data will need to convert data from the scanner format DICOM to a more usable NIFTI format that is used by a variety of neuroimaging software packages (e.g. AFNI, FSL, SPM).  As with most things in neuroimaging, there are a variety of options and here are a few (though […]

Correlating Brain and Behavior in AFNI

If previous posts hadn’t given it away, AFNI is my tool of choice for processing neuroimaging data.  A lot of people get confused on the sheer number of options there are and that most things can be accomplished in a variety of ways.  Today I’m going to outline three ways of doing Correlations between fMRI […]