NEW CogNeuroStats Wiki

Like many of our fellow bloggers, we hear pleas from readers about needing a “start page” to organize everything together.  After considerable amounts of thought, we finally had the idea of creating a wiki that would house much of the content that exists on the blog.  The one major shift is that we’re going to spend some extra time making the wiki more of a “how to guide” so that users can both find content in an organized fashion and then follow it step by step along the road to analyzing their own data.

So what’s all this mean?  Really if you noticed that there is a link at the top of the blog, you can click on it to head over to the wiki.  If you’d rather bookmark it, use:

In order to decrease SPAM and maintenance, anyone can read the wiki, but we’re restricting write access.  If you would like to contribute (and we would love the help!), drop us a line: pete (at) cogneurostats (dot) com.

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